“After weeks of our property being on the market, it was sold within 4 days of having it furnished by ARP interiors! The team have a great eye, and their years of experience is apparent. The epitome of turning a house into a home. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!”
Kind regards,
Karen Amoa
Property Manager - The IntraUrban Group, Homes Built for Life...


“Just a quick thank you again – popped round this morning and everything left v neat and tidy.

Thanks for all your help with getting it sold so quickly. 

We recommend Alexa on a regular basis to our clients and every time she has been instructed and "dressed" a property is has made an overwhelming difference to the response from the buying public. 
Probably the most graphic example was a developer we were working with for the first time who overall had built a really nice house but had made minor mistakes. We had over 30 viewings with no offers and the overall response was “nice house but I won’t pay near what you are asking because I would feel I need to change certain things”- (all the minor mistakes). We discussed our options with our client and explained that with over 30 viewings on a house at £1.8 million was a fair indication of the market and he had two options. One was to reduce the price which we didn’t necessarily feel was the right option, or two, try and hide the mistakes without rebuilding which meant dressing the house. 
Alexa was appointed to do her stuff and with two weeks and another 8 viewings we had our first two offers one of which offered asking price and proceeded to buy the house. 
She always get it right and is very flexible in terms of her approach and whilst dressing a house properly is not cheap, Alexa in my opinion is by far the most reasonable of a number whilst working to a standard befitting of the houses she helps us sell!

Recent Client

I've used ARP several times within my 11 years in the property game. Having started out with smaller units in SW3,5,7 and 10 before using them on a top end refurbishment we did at the Riverside One Building (Normon Foster Building). Trust has to be earnt and it really was.

Alexa is very engaging, enthusiastic, professional and her eye for detail was astonishing. I learnt quite a lot just by listening to her talk and watching her work.

I have recommended ARP to many people over the years and would have no hesitation leaving them a set of keys and letting them get on with it.

Reputation is built on word of mouth, even more so within a tight knit section of prime central London that I work in.

I am confident anyone using ARP would be more then satisfied.

Grainger PLC

Excellent service which has changed my newly refurbished house into a home prior to placing on market for sale. Lots of extra items placed at no additional cost and professionally / efficiently installed. Really helps potential buyers to visualise space and Alexa was extremely calm and insightful during design.
Recent Client


Editorial copy for April edition of Absolutely magazine
Dress to sell

In the current economic climate people are looking to optimise on their property and get the best price they possibly can.  ‘Staging’ a property for sale can be the difference between evoking a desirable home and missing out on that all important first impression.  

David Kirkup, Branch Manager at aspire’s Clapham South office, tells us why you should not leave selling your vacant property to chance:

“When you show people round an empty property the first thing they do is walk to the window and look outside.  If a property is well presented and furnished tastefully, right down to the finishing touches of lamps and cushions, it sells so much quicker than if it was simply presented as an empty shell.  Furnishing a property helps potential buyers to figure out the purpose of a particular room and allows them to imagine where their belongings might fit in.  In vacant properties, buyers tend to focus on every imperfection.

“We recently had an empty house on the market for a couple of months in Narbonne Avenue and it was not attracting the level of interest it deserved.  Once it was furnished to a tasteful and high standard – using neutral colour schemes for the furniture and providing colour in the accessories - it attracted a lot more activity and subsequently sold within a matter of weeks.

For this particular ‘ makeover’  aspire used ARP Interiors, a company who help create a space buyers want to live in.  Founder, Alexa Vere Nicoll comments: “When we work on a project such as Narbonne Avenue we try to create a calm and attractive environment.  We want potential buyers to remember the property and not the furniture and, most importantly, we want them to have a good feeling when they walk away.”